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Your P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow show you how your business has performed, more often than not retrospectively. Helping businesses throughout Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, ProfitPlus is all about forward visibility so we can take actions on what the numbers are telling us. Gone are the days of making GUT (Given Up Thinking) decisions, we can provide the correct information so you can start making informed decisions.

The ProfitPlus team can help you create a meaningful numerical and financial business plan, which due to your inputs, actually means something to you and your business. We can tailor this to support funding to enable growth and help you drive performance across your business via our scenario planning and Virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer) services. If you are a business from start up to £10M T/O and are not scaled enough to justify employing a FD (Financial Director), would you benefit from more clarity of the numbers within the business, then ProfitPlus can help.

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